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July 2017

Roam with the Nomads!

CJ Anderson and Ace Evans of the Nomads are BIG guys. One would venture to think that any wrestler standing in the opposite corner of these two behemoths would start to second guess/reconsider their career choice and perhaps feign injury.…

Chris Thomasma

In an industry where it's sometimes said "once you step on the other side of the table, you can't go back again" Christopher has found a way to remain excited about comics.

A Kemical Reaction!

When you discuss the rapper Kemical, (you've heard him on your soundcloud or pandora playlist) those that know him personally might consider the man behind the mask as “elusive”. Well, recently I was able to hold old Kemical down in place…

Randy Zimmerman!

Comics were my refuge and safe haven at the darkest time of my life. I’ve never wanted to be involved in much of anything else. I was that geek kid in school.