Triple X Marks the Spot!

Morgan & her cat (YES, it’s an actual animal) Galaxy explore sexuality with curiosity, adventure and of course humor! The man behind the comic is almost as mysterious as the character he’s created, so much in fact that we don’t even have his actual name! We recently had an opportunity to sit down with the creator/artist […]


Off the Shelf! (Geekadrome: Games & Comics)

Creator/Publishers looking to get their comic titles on the comic specialty shop shelves have long sought the answers to how best to do it, and why o’ why some store owners refuse to carry Indie titles. So we decided to barge into some LCS across the nation, corner the owners and get the story on […]


Picking Peter Bradley’s Birdbrain!

You can imagine that we read ALOT of comics around the Indie Volt offices, that includes comic strips. Obviously, everyone knows Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, or The Peanuts from Charles Shultz, we love those strips but on that very same list we enjoy, Rickard Jonasson’s 2GAG, Clint and Vexton from Jason McCormick and Beardo […]


Indie Volt TV launches!

  Varian Grant, owner of Indie Volt media LLC ( announced today the launch of Indie Volt TV on the Roku platform. “The channel was created to showcase the filmmakers, musicians, artist and more that we’ve had and continue to have the pleasure and privilege to interview. As of now, we’ve launched with 4 films from […]


The A to Z’s with Zee Bee!

I’ve been following the work of Zee Bee for some time now. I’d swear it’s as if she releases new content hourly!  Recently I also got a chance to talk with her to ask her a few more questions about her rise and future as a manga artist, and her real-life inspirations for his characters. Though she […]