Melanculia talks past, present and the future.

So where are you guys from and how did you guys meet? We are from the North-Rhine-Westphalia Area. Essen, Bochum… and we know each other from the stages. Some of us played in different bands before, but the one of us who brought us all together was Quoth. Somehow, he seems to know every musician […]


Boris Randall

The founder of our news site is a comic book artist and since he heard the album he hasn’t stopped listening to it while drawing his newest comic, having said that, did you have any influences while putting this album together? Yeah, while writing this album I was listening to a lot of Black Sabbath, […]


Tongue Party!

So we know that your band name is Tongue Party, what lead you guys into choosing that name? A lot of people think that its some porno shit or like some sexual innuendo but we’re not clever enough for that. During a conversation about having a dinner party and serving nothing but different varieties of […]


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019! You made it! My name is Varian Grant and I am Indie Volt’s Founder and CEO. We accomplished a lot in 2018 including launching our very own streaming service Indie Volt TV on the Roku platform. We were so busy we forgot to celebrate our own 1 year anniversary as a site. […]