On this day (11-19-1983) TMNT is born.

On November 19th, 1983 in what would later become Mirage studios (actually the living room of their home) in Dover, New Hampshire Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kevin Eastman, in an attempt to make Peter Laird laugh drew what he called a ‘Ninja Turtle’. “Peter did laugh”  Kevin recalls, sketching up his own […]



StarBuster is a Mega Man-inspired romp, that I’m currently addicted to. Entertaining gameplay, beautifully rendered pixels, branching-level design, and catchy music. In this incredibly well-polished demo, you play as one of two characters, Alpha, a sentient fighter droid who controls excellently and is super fun to play and Cassie (who I felt had a learning […]


The Dreaded Dinosaur Man [The Story Begins] [Review]

When I was tasked with reviewing The Dreaded Dinosaur Man, I was unsure what to expect, given that it’s a “webcomic” available for free on WEBTOON I imagined slogging through a “pastel-colored snoozer”. But, I was wrong. Creator/Artist Erik Hodson delivers a more than an enjoyable comic that I can’t believe is free! In the […]