Let’s get Vertical

So let’s start off with an introduction, What’s the name of your band? How did you guys come up with the name? Where are you guys from? Who are the member of the band? Our band’s name is Vertical. Basically we came up with the name after some long nights of just throwing away names […]


Indie Volt’s Book of the Week

Do you like action/adventure and fantasy?
Check out Indie Volt’s book of the week. This week we are showcasing an action/adventure/ fantasy comic called Shadow of the Kraken. It is a tale about the darkness of man and the actions one takes to get back into the light. A hunt for treasure and power, with betrayal looming around every corner. The fight for survival is palpable. This is a cannot miss adventure! The desire for freedom on the open seas awaits you!
This book is set in the Caribbean during the 1700s. Nathaniel James Calin was once part of the Royal Navy. He then turned to piracy, along with Anne Galway, a survivor in her own regard. Their crew is made up of mostly freed slaves and other defectors from the Royal Navy. They are pursued by a ruthless and mysterious man with a vicious crew and a vindictive nature.
You can expect:
Action, Fierce sea battles, beautiful locations, and brutality!
An intense story set during a very dangerous time in history!
Rare treasures and deadly threats from above and below the waves!
Along with different tiers and perks to choose from.
Shadow of the Kraken can be found on Indiegogo. Currently the campaign has made $11,013 out of their goal of $500. The campaign only has 8 days left to go and this is one book that you do not want to miss out on.


Indie Volt media launches Indie Volt Studios!

Indie Volt Media LLC has secured a funding agreement with KAPITUS. Under this agreement, Indie Volt Media LLC will have access to capital to create content, such as original films, series, and documentaries under the Indie Volt Studios banner. All content created is expected to be exclusive to Indie Volt TV on Roku. “Before I […]


Captain Cannabis #1

Comedy, action, and copious amounts of weed, if that’s your thing, then this comic is for you! Captain Cannabis No. 1 40th Anniversary edition is a 16-page black and white comic that is jammed with action and adventure. Originally produced in 1977 from Verne Andru, Captain Cannabis tells the story of Halburt “HAL” Lighter, who […]