Indie Volt Fundraiser for Danani Arts

A few weeks ago, Indie Volt Media LLC took up a donation drive for Danani. So far we raised $305 dollars U.S and we want to think all of you who have donated so far! Danani has been teaching art to children in Cameroon and after hearing about his plight we reached out to him […]


Indie Volt’s Book of the Week

Are you looking for a comic filled with action, adventure, and sci-fi entertainment? Well look no further! This week Indie Volt takes a look at Gunship Thunderpunch Book 2. If you love robots, space adventures, and aliens, you’ll love Gunship Thunderpunch! Nova Marcos has to get her son back from martians! Her only hope lies […]


Indie Volt’s book of the Week

Do you like Samurai adventurers battle mythological beings? If so, check out Indie Volt’s book of the week Black Sun Samurai #1 – Kurosawa meets Tolkien. Black Sun Samurai is set in mythological feudal Japan, a land called Shinkoku. It is a world where honourable samurai live side by side with tengu, oni, kappa and […]