Incidense Released Their New Album Collide.

The Dutch prog / metal formation Incidense dropped their new  album on October 8, 2022. It has been 10 years… We have another story to tell. After 10 years since their debut album Incarcerated came out, Incidense have returned with a brand new progressive album Collide. The new album Collide deals with modern day society, […]


Darkest Dungeon II

TL;DR?: I wanted to like it….I REALLY wanted to. After two hours of playing I can’t say I hate it, it’s just not what I was expecting in a followup. As a massive fan of the original I was excited to dig into the early release of the follow up. I happily ghosted a predictably […]


Aberrant Vol. 1

When a story’s opening chapter is titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” it usually establishes a particular tone, gives an impression of a narrative that features challenges to the protagonist who will ultimately overcome them. The title paints an image of optimism, even in the face of adversity. In short, it sets one’s mind at ease, […]