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Living in the S.O.S

Let's face it. In Indie Comics there's a lot of talk. Publisher's start up, buy a few pop up banner displays, throw a few hundred or thousand dollars into promo art and some merch and if you're one of the folks who stop by their display,…

Nichi Hawkins of Headshrinkers Press

If you've gone to a comic convention in the last few years, you've seen Headshrinkers Press! Indie Volt staffers are still trying to figure out how to get Headshrinkers Blazers, so far we've been unsuccessful, but soon we'll figure it out!…

Prof. Trico’s Top 10 indie comics!

Number 10 Snow: The Dawn published by DimThroat Comics With our current political and social climate, it’s hard to say what the future will bring. In this series by DimThroat Comics, we discover the world of 2080 through the eyes of…

Chris Thomasma

In an industry where it's sometimes said "once you step on the other side of the table, you can't go back again" Christopher has found a way to remain excited about comics.

Randy Zimmerman!

Comics were my refuge and safe haven at the darkest time of my life. I’ve never wanted to be involved in much of anything else. I was that geek kid in school.