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Wasted Space [Review]

     Wasted Space (on shelves of better comic stores April 25th) sounds like a typical higher end indie title until you crack the cover and see it works on multiple levels.

Wasted Space Cover A by Sauvage

I might be showing my hand a little, but I’m going to tell you, up front, with no uncertainty I AM A FAN OF THIS BOOK and you will be too. From the cover alone I’m drawn in by a beautiful blend of color, form and, function reminiscent of 70’s action movie posters with elements of modern design that draws the eye to wraparound cover back with a synopsis that is enticing and concise. You’ll see this as a trend for all of Vault Comics books. Artist, Hayden Sherman is certainly an artist to keep an eye out for. Like a brighter Alex Maleev he has his own style that he brings strength to the pages. But with more and brighter colors than I’m used to seeing from Maleev.

Wasted Space Cover B by Sherman

    The cover’s art is extremely attractive and it’s a clue to what you’ll find inside. A thematic, psychological, action story that shines on the topics of drug use, organized religion, and practical religion. Set in a dystopian future the story circles around the main character who has lost hope for all sentient races and faith in a religion he was a key part of. Equating everyday life to a meaningless struggle. But as the story unfolds you learn there is a lot more to this, seemingly, slacker than meets the eye. Surrounded by full flushed out, multi-dimensional characters our most reluctant hero is lead on an epic journey that is sure to excite and titillate even the most experienced reader. Writer, Micheal Moreci must have worked his tail off building detail and suspense while creating layers of plot threads. Simply Inspired.

     While I’m totally feeling the art style, there are a few moments where I felt there was a lack of detail in faces and greebles that momentarily pulled me out of the overall euphoric bliss of this book, Art 4.5/5.0. The story is just plain on point, my mind is left wanting more thinking of what could be clues for what’s to come, Story 5.0/5.0. As far as Readability goes, this book will suck you in and everything rolls naturally together with the exception of one bit at the end. You’ll know when you get there. I’m sure it’s just a taste of what’s more to come  5.0/5.0. And as far as potential goes this book has it to spare, I can hardly imagine a page that doesn’t have me dissecting bits and pieces, guessing what is going to be mentioned later. Needless to say Potential 5.0/5.0. That brings this book to a total average of 4.88/5.0. Officially a High Voltage book.

This is where I usually say “You don’t have to take my word for it” but if you read the book and disagree. head to the comments and “Come at me bro”. Wasted Space hits shelves April 25th, mark your calendars and you can thank me for the suggestion later 😉


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