A game about rocketing around and slapping things with a laser sword

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StarBuster is a Mega Man-inspired romp, that I’m currently addicted to. Entertaining gameplay, beautifully rendered pixels, branching-level design, and catchy music.

In this incredibly well-polished demo, you play as one of two characters, Alpha, a sentient fighter droid who controls excellently and is super fun to play and Cassie (who I felt had a learning curve and struggled with) she’s a humanoid lizard, armed with a laser beam, she shoots a rocket-powered fist which is good for smashing baddies, and uses a grappling hook to swing around stages to reach new areas.

As for complaints, you cannot (as of now) skip cut scenes you haven’t seen before, so if you’re one of those gamers who just wants to get to the action you’ll have wait a bit.

Even those gamers who can’t be bothered with story shouldn’t find themselves disappointed though.  Alpha and Cassie have fun interactions and look to have an organic story arc building. The writing itself is highpoint as it’s both genuinely funny and quick.
While Starbuster is currently in its development stages I highly recommend giving it a play, you can download the demo here.

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