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Book for the week of 2/22/21

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This book is for all the super natural lovers out there. 

Indie Volt’s book of the week is Seasons created by Nandor Fox Shaffer.  Seasons is about a young man’s supernatural abilities change with each passing season! Follow his one year journey.

SEASONS is a planned four-volume graphic novel series created and written by Nandor Fox Shaffer, with art by Anthony Gonzales-Clark, that takes place over one year of a young man’s life. With each passing season, Fletcher Hart Iiams gains a new set of incredible powers to overcome the challenges and enemies in his personal path to self-discovery and meaning. SEASONS is an intertwining, deeply symbolic, allegorical supernatural/superhero drama and character-study that explores complex themes of identity, existence, purpose, responsibility, the world within and the world around us.

Each of the four volumes will be of the highest-quality hardcover possible and contain 100+ pages of stunningly rich black and white artwork. 

This campaign is in demand but you can still get a copy. If you back you will get both volume one and two.

Volume 1: Spring,  includes the the first story arc of the series, with a special Foreword by the Eisner nominee and independent comics creator, Jason Brubaker (reMIND, SITHRAH, Phobos). This volume introduces us to our protagonist, Fletcher Hart Iiams, and begins the one year journey that will define him. This volume also debuts pivotal characters in the series, supernatural entities known as the “shadow-selves” and a set of incredible, unnatural powers Fletcher himself doesn’t understand.

Volume 2: Summer,  Fletcher Hart Iiams finds himself lost and searching for answers. Along the way, he encounters allies and adversaries that embody the forces of nature, harnessing unbelievable abilities. Abilities not unlike ones he’s manifested himself. Will Fletcher uncover the mysterious origin of his powers and why he’s caught in these extraordinary string of events, or will he remain directionless on his path to a meaningful existence?

Nandor states: “This campaign is solely for the purpose to reach new audiences and unlock extra perks. Both books are a done deal; SEASONS Volume 1: Spring has already been printed and shipped and is now just waiting to get into the hands of new readers, while SEASONS Volume 2: Summer will be arriving early 2021 (April-May)”.

Seasons can be found on Indiegogo and is in demand. it has made $2,622 USD by 57 backers in indemand and $2,457 USD by 54 backers on Jan 5, 2021. Go show some support and back this amazing looking book.




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