Timelock Celebrates The Release Of Their New Album Sygn Yn

Habitually there should be a couple of years of silence after a Timelock release. Not this time! After the resurrection of Timelock last year and the release of the EP …stay awake in June, they were re-energized. This energy surge resulted in the release of this album with 6 brand new songs including a 19 minute epic.

The now 8-headed band that started in the early nineties, continues to make progressive rock with various twists. Founding members Julian Driessen (keyboards) and Ruud Stoker (vocals) still strive to keep that element in the music. With the solid foundation of Rob Boshuijzen (drums), David Guurink (bass) and the rock roots of Martin Hendriks (guitars) the present album of the re-enforced band is best described as Symphonic Hard Rock.
Arjen van den Bosch (orchestral keyboards), Laura Eradus and Coby van Oorschot (backing & additional vocals) make up a special contribution to the present sound. This really puts an extra dimension to the compositions.

The new album Sygn Yn shows the diversity of the possibilities of the improved Timelock. It’s rocking, it’s proggy, sometimes sensitive, surprising, but still recognizable as Timelock.
At the moment plans are being made for a promotion tour and new material is being written for a follow-up album. No hibernation this time for Timelock!

The new video of Heart of Mine has just been released, too. Enjoy!





Released 21st January, 2022

Album credits:
Ruud Stoker – Lead & backing vocals
Martin Hendriks – Lead & rhythm guitars
Julian Driessen – Keyboards & synthesizers
Arjen van den Bosch – Orchestral keyboards
David Guurink – Bass
Rob Boshuijzen – Drums
Coby van Oorschot – Backing vocals
Laura Eradus – Backing vocals
special guests:
Eline Ossevoort (additional vocals on ‘Everlasting’)
Nino Thomas (grunts on ‘The Devils Hour’)

All songs written by Julian Driessen, Martin Hendriks and Ruud Stoker
except ‘The Great Cover Up Story’ part 1 & 4: music by Arjen van den Bosch.
Lyrics by Ruud Stoker
Orchestral arrangements by Arjen van den Bosch
Produced, mixed and mastered by MHX Music

Released on: FREIA Music

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