In a somewhat surprising announcement, Founder and CEO of Indie Volt Media LLC Varian Grant, is stepping down effective immediately from his position as EIC of

Varian Grant announced this morning that in order to concentrate on the launch of Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group this was a “necessary step”.

“I’m confident that we have the best and most talented individuals in place to keep Indie Volt on its upward trajectory, and continue building it into a world-class organization.”

At this time, Mr. Grant is expected to continue on in an advisory role and as co-host alongside Randy Zimmerman of Indie Volt Live on the Indie Volt Radio app, Indie Volt TV (Roku) and Youtube.

According to his official release, a new EIC of will be named in the coming days. Below is a copy of his official statement, which you can also read HERE.

Good Morning,

Today I’m announcing the official launch of Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group. (

Those of you whom I have the pleasure and privilege of calling friends know that for years I’ve carefully watched the comic book distribution landscape and spoke about my intention to offer a distribution service tailored toward getting quality “indie” books in comic book retail shops across the country.

Those people also know that I took my time with its development, designing not just the website and presentation but making sure that the company itself possessed a solid infrastructure. I’m backed by an exceedingly skilled team with profound appreciation, passion, and respect for comics.

Due to the exceptional responsibility and commitment to this endeavor; Effective immediately I am stepping down as EIC of and intend to name a successor in the coming days. I am very confident we have the right leadership and talented persons in place and I see enormous opportunities for both organizations.

Varian Grant

Teena McIntire

Teena McIntire

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Due to being one of the few staffers who knows "GOODER" isn't an actual word, Teena serves as Head writer as of May of 2023 for INDIEVOLT.COM. Having lost a regretabable "drunken" wager Teena was left with two equally terrifying possibilties; fostering a relationship as an on-demand side chick or writing content for Indie Volt. Possessing an extensive and slightly concerning carnal knowledge of several indie musicians it was super easy to ply her skillset to the demands and tasks of Indie Volt. When not writing, Teena enjoys watching documentaries on plagues and illnesses hoping that one glorious bacteria will wipe our hateful species off the planet and release her from the mundane toil of "existance". She has a hamster named Kanye.

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