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Krysta Grant [ Editor-in-Chief]
We’ve always been here to help. And our commitment to that pledge continues with our newest enhancement. If you’ve viewed ANY episode of Indie Volt Live, Tuesday at 9 pm on Youtube, then you know that at least once a week we receive an email from some creative seeking help from a knowledgeable audience with a stressful situation. And we try our best to help as best we can in the time allotted, but often we and our viewers find ourselves wondering ‘Whatever happened to that person?” “Did they ever get that situation cleared up?”. In response to that, we’ve recently partnered up with two investigative journalists (with a combined total of 23 years of experience) who will serve as ‘The WatchDog’. The purpose? To investigate, verify, and report on “dirty dealing” in the independent entertainment industries we cover here on Indie Volt.
Let me be clear, this is not a witch hunt. And it is NOT a system we will allow to be abused and used to destroy others over a simple mistake, rumor mill gossip, etc. We hope they never have to write a single story, editorial or expose’. However, all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. We’re doing something. Shady printer? Did an artist-run off with your money? Did a writer turn in a plagiarized script? Contact the Watchdog. We’ve set up two ways for you to do so, both confidential if you wish. as well as a phone line, reach the Watch Dog at (586) 991-1067. YES, you can remain anonymous. Please understand that our investigators can only handle so much, and may NOT be able to help you with your situation, they are not lawyers and cannot offer legal advice.


I am delighted to usher in this new ‘tipline’ enhancement to and by addressing you in my first editorial as the incoming Editor-in-Chief of My vision for the future of the website includes building upon and broadening the successes we’ve enjoyed in the past 3 years. With a focus toward realizing this vision, I wish to encourage more investigative articles such as the one’s you’ll soon be reading from our newest author ‘The Watch-Dog’ as well as in-depth coverage of special issues as they relate not just to independent comics but the industry itself. You’ll also see a redoubling of our efforts to bring you a monthly series of informative articles on topics of broad industry appeal. I’m eager to work closely with our strong team of associate editors, as well as our excellent and much-appreciated ad hoc reviewers, to strengthen the quality of the site through the peer review and publication process. I am very much looking forward to your submissions. If you are interested in writing for Indie Volt or either submitting an article on one of the topics mentioned above or on another topic aimed at attracting readership, please send me a short summary at

Krysta Grant

Krysta Grant

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Krysta loves music, as a matter of fact, popular opinion from her loved ones suggest perhaps a bit too much! Choosing to use this debilitating quirk to her benefit, she parlayed it into a position interviewing musical talents for as well as manager and head curator of Indie Volt radio.


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