Q: What would you call a woman who’s a attractive sexual deviant, has a criminal mindset and unbridled access to leather?

A: Wife material! — Bazinga!

Jeska, The Blackrabbit...

We meet Jeska, and she’s on “demon time”, breaking into a mansion of all places, late at night, but don’t blame her! Jeska is a woman of many talents or rather many personalities.  We’re introduced to the kleptomaniac side first however, and they say that’s the impression that counts! TS White spins a tale with plenty of twists, turns & loops that even the most jaded readers won’t suspect or see coming.   When our own Izzy stopped by the reading room to pick up her weekly assisgnments she happened  to notice and then point out to me that Black Rabbit doesn’t have many if any traditional “word ballons” but you really don’t miss them, the art more than adequately serves the prose like narrative and story structure.

A very sneaky rabbit indeed...hopping over our fences...and into our dreams...or safe desport boxes.

As the story progresses, TS doesn’t  lean on the sexy girl tropes either, (ya’ know the ones, there’s a hot damn near naked girl in the book, soooo story be damned!) Yes, you read that right, there’s story here and character arcs! It gets pretty damn cerebral in this story, we’re talking lite (yet entertaining) mental health too!  We learn that our girl Jeska has multiple personalities that all play a role in her life, and all have different names, personalities and desires…with a capital D.  Dominique, Jeska and the well intentioned Evangelina who valiantly attempts to keep both Jeska and Dominique under control and at bay. I’m willing to bet there are a few more yet to reveal themselves as well!

We also meet Therapist, Dr. Lucille and it’s through these sessions to suppress all the fantasies these personalities have that the depth of Jeska’s disorder began to truly take shape, and I found myself worrying about the effects of Jeska’s therapy on Dr. Lucille (I’ve got some opinions and theories on what happens next that I’ll keep to myself for now).  Adult readers will enjoy this book, where the lines between good and bad are blurred, again as stated earlier its a very cerbeal read and those that enjoy adult material will be wanting for more. The illustrations are big and splashy with artist C.B. Zane moving the camera around, capturing unqiue angles and viewpoits that’ll make Michael Bay jealous !

There are LOTS of covers to choose from for Blackrabbit #1, ranging from sexy, cosplay, nude variants and absolutely adult!

Indie Volt got the main cover that was drawn by C.B. Zane and colored by Ylenia DiNapoli, that some of the ‘lesser evolved’ members of the Indie Volt staff want as a lifesized cut-out for reasons they’re unwilling to state aloud but are easy to assume…..we’ve notified H.R.

Issue 2 just funded on Kickstarter and I can’t wait to read it.

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Teena McIntire

Teena McIntire

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Due to being one of the few staffers who knows "GOODER" isn't an actual word, Teena serves as Head writer as of May of 2023 for INDIEVOLT.COM. Having lost a regretabable "drunken" wager Teena was left with two equally terrifying possibilties; fostering a relationship as an on-demand side chick or writing content for Indie Volt. Possessing an extensive and slightly concerning carnal knowledge of several indie musicians it was super easy to ply her skillset to the demands and tasks of Indie Volt. When not writing, Teena enjoys watching documentaries on plagues and illnesses hoping that one glorious bacteria will wipe our hateful species off the planet and release her from the mundane toil of "existance". She has a hamster named Kanye.

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