ACE in the hole?

Complaints are trickling in that ACE comic con is a horribly ran event. According to a series Facebook post by those at the event, attendees are being made to wait in line for hours for photos and autographs with the celebrity guest. Worse still, attendee’s with disabilities have reported that access to the show has […]


Jared Gafford’s Renegade

Recently, I was the proud recipient of a great Kickstarter reward in the form of a comic called, Renegade. Renegade is written by Jared Gafford and illustrated by Tyler Sowles (Hank Stein, Corpse Corps, and several other comic book series). Plus, for super-awesome Kickstarter patrons like me it features a cover by Joshua Werner (Jack […]


Victor Dandridge in as NEW WIZARD WORLD comic con artist alley coordinator

  On November 25th word broke on the web that there had been some position shifts & changes at Wizard World. Today those changes are becoming more clear, as President & Editor-in-Chief at Vantage: Inhouse Productions, Victor Dandridge has announced through his facebook that he has accepted a position as an employee of Wizard World, specifically as artist alley […]


Stefani Manard reveals Psycho Path #3 cover

Stefani Manard took to Facebook and dropped the cover to the 3rd issue of Psycho Path, from Scape Goat Press!     You may remember in our exclusive interview with the creator,  The Mind of Manard she revealed to us that she’s especially excited about issue 3, saying..”I am extremely proud of issue three, and the […]


Living in the S.O.S

Let’s face it. In Indie Comics there’s a lot of talk. Publisher’s start up, buy a few pop up banner displays, throw a few hundred or thousand dollars into promo art and some merch and if you’re one of the folks who stop by their display, MOST are all too happy to lay out the […]


Roach reproach!

If you’re an independent creator then you’re probably aware of the need to travel cross country to promote your product(s). When traveling out of state a good hotel/motel/inn is a no-brainer for weary travelers. But when you’re a traveler promoting your work or company your room becomes your quasi-headquarters away from meetings and trade shows. […]


Tales From A Crusty Comics Curmudgeon

Comics Are Propaganda. PROPAGANDAˌ präpəˈɡandə/ noun 1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. I love the art form of comics. That combination of words and pictures in order to make a point, tell a story and, hopefully, entertain readers. […]