Thou shall not, hijack someone’s comic and claim it as your own..


So, I was ready to turn in tonight and sleep to the lovely background noise of infomercials on the television when I decided to check FB ONE last time before clocking out.  Z.M Thomas a creator I’ve had the opportunity to chat with a few times at conventions had posted what I assumed was a new Kickstarter for his, The Bible 2 comic, yet this post seemed odd, first, it wasn’t a Kickstarter at all! It was ling to a GOFUNDME…the post itself had asterisks and the ever so eye-catching usage of CAPS LOCK…I read on..

What I read there pissed me off. One Kyle Cassie Pullen of Phymney Community, WLS hath decided to launch of Gofundme page for THE BIBLE 2, USING Z.M’s artwork, basically outline..eff it, HIS BOOK, like the whole thing. I’ve reported it, YOU should too, cause it’s REALLY a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.  Kyle is ASKING FOR 10,000 british pounds which currently equal to $13327.60 US dollars (No need to check, I asked Google) to produce a book that Z already did…yeah so.

REALLY KYLE? Is this what we do now?

We’re not saying that anyone should track down Kyle, or threaten them with physical harm HOWEVER, if you know Kyle, tell him that this isn’t cool and that he should apologize to the original creator of the BIBLE 2..and maybe the creator as well for violating the commandment of not being a thieving douche canoe as well.


If you want to go see the mock GOFUNDME page you can do so by clicking here, if it’s still up please do rock that “report the campaign” button so it can be removed ASAP!




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