The Maltese Tiger Strikes!

What the Indie wrestling scene has that makes it so special is that from match-to-match and show-to-show, you will see people trying new things, you’ll see young guys “going for broke” and just doing it their way. It clearly takes a special type of person that wants to get their ass kicked in front of a crowd for the entertainment of others! The Maltese Tiger is one of those young guys. 

When did you know you wanted to be a wrestler?

I wanted to become a wrestler as a young boy looking up to guys like Rey Mysterio, Eddie, RVD, AJ Styles in the Indies, CM Punk drove me .. I never thought it would actually happen.

Years ago the goal in wrestling was to work the “indies” and get called up to the weekly televised promotions, but it seems that lately that’s changed a bit with most wrestlers opting to stay on the independent circuit. What do you think is driving that change? What’s your end goal?

Happiness and Money is driving the staying of indie wrestlers. Some don’t like WWE and would rather just stay on the indie circuit so they can still have their day to day life during the week and live their dream on the weekend. And everyone’s goal is to one day “make it ” but if I just end up a “bullshit Indie guy” I’m okay with that cause I love my girlfriend!

The indie circuit has it’s own distinct and loyal fan base too! There are fans who only follow indie wrestling. Before you laced up your boots were you a fan of any indie worker?

Yes, I was a fan of many indie workers a lot are signed by now.. some are even friends now.





Many people find it invigorating to see wrestling on such a real level as this, in the mainstream you very rarely get to be up and close to the talent, at an indie wrestling event it’s possible that the action could land in your front seat.. but many people find it to be a jarring adjustment if they’re not prepared for it. You have any experiences with folks who come to watch the show that stands out?

Fans love to be involved at indie shows it makes it more memorable I’ve held guys so children can hit them .. I had a strap match once we’re the loser gets hit with the strap by 3 fans I got to pick, fans like when you dive out right in front of them. I normally hop on a chair afterward to hype the crowd up.

July 9th, The Maltese Tiger is scheduled to appear at XICW Proving Ground Season 3 Episode 4
Looking to catch The Maltese Tiger in action near you? You can find his Facebook here where he lists all his upcoming appearances.


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