Team Short Fuse (ALL ACCESS)

  Recently indie comic publisher Short Fuse Media launched an ambitious campaign called ‘ALL ACCESS’ giving anyone curious about the inner-workings of a publisher and the business of comics a first-hand experience. The temporarily open to all Facebook group has already amassed over 90 members with more joining every day. We got a chance to […]


Rowdy Roddy Piper (The Kilted Avenger) Indiegogo

  Here at IndieVolt, we’re pretty ‘reluctant’ to run pieces of Indiegogo campaigns, for fear that a campaign organizer might “accidentally-on-purpose” fail to fill their promised end of the bargain by delivering on perks and we’d feel awful thinking folks decided to donate based on our coverage or perceived endorsement of a campaign. Yet here we […]


Freestyle Komics snags Stefani Manard!

On the 26th of September, Freestyle Comics announced Stefani Manard as the new writer of on the comic series Vigilance.  Vigilance is the story of a superhero living up to the expectations of her fallen mentor while destined to fight an even greater internal threat. Stefani released the 3rd and final issue of Psycho Path in February, […]


Get those idiots off of my lawn!

The odd lots box store Ollie’s had a sale. Massive amounts of trade paperback collections. Mainstream Marvel and DC and Zenescope ( An interesting juxtaposition of companies if I do say so myself – as both of these entities have huge over stocks for almost exactly opposite reasons). I walked out of Ollie’s proudly with […]


Antarctic Press drops Jawbreakers

Admittedly we’re a bit late to press with this having just learned about this newest development in the early hours of the morning. Antarctic Press had just recently announced their plans to publish Jawbreakers from Diversity & Comics’ youtube channel owner Richard C. Meyer, even praising the very successful Indiegogo campaign ran for the comic which raised […]



We had to sit on this secret for a while now! But the folks at 4th Wall Productions were as excited as we are to get this out and officially gave us the go-ahead to announce a special treat for readers! As many of you know, FCBD is tomorrow a day when pretty much […]