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Here at IndieVolt, we’re pretty ‘reluctant’ to run pieces of Indiegogo campaigns, for fear that a campaign organizer might “accidentally-on-purpose” fail to fill their promised end of the bargain by delivering on perks and we’d feel awful thinking folks decided to donate based on our coverage or perceived endorsement of a campaign. Yet here we are, covering the upcoming Rowdy Roddy Piper comic from Mess Bucket Comics! 

Why? Because the parties behind the comic have done more than their due diligence; First Chicago based wrestling T-shirt superstore Pro Wrestling Tee’s is onboard the project as the distributor of the title! We’ve covered the artist on the project; Erik Hodson here before,  and when Indie Volt was just a podcast we appeared on the ECHO network which is owned by Dominic Riggio who serves as writer on the title. So yeah, we know these folks pretty damn well. Read on to get the inside scoop on this new superhero book that you can help support today on Indiegogo!

As mentioned above the upcoming title is from Mess Bucket comics, a publisher that has deep roots in the comic industry, the first title they released in 2012 was Arcane Awakening: Volume 1, a trade paperback that clearly displayed the companies passion for putting out quality content, that was followed up with 2 more entries into the Arcane series and DonnyBrook a hockey comic book series.  Not one to rest on past successes Mess Bucket Comics’ owner Dominic Riggio has teamed up with The Dreaded Dinosaur Man‘s Erik Hodson to bring you The Kilted Avenger!

Dominic Riggio Owner of Mess Bucket Comics and writer of Rowdy Roddy Piper: The Kilted Avenger.

Mess Bucket Comics took to the project funding platform a few weeks ago, setting a modest flexible goal of $6,000 to properly fund the project. As fans of wrestling, you’ve got to admit there is something fitting about Piper as a superhero! We’re honestly surprised no one has ever thought of this before!

Sadly; in 2015 the Rowdy one passed away, but his wife Kitty Dittrich has given her blessing to the parties involved to move forward with the project.

As for Indiegogo several other comics creators have enjoyed massive success in getting various projects funded higher than anticipated! Will this title be joining the ranks?

Erik Hodson artist on Rowdy Roddy Piper: The Kilted Avenger (Mess Bucket Comics)

Erik Hodson says about the comic: “It’s Roddy Piper as a superhero. Talk show host by day, crime fighter by night. 52 pages of crazy action and tons of Easter eggs!

The IndieGoGo campaign is slated to end on November 19, you can find a link to it by clicking here.

Will you be backing the project? How do you feel about the perks? What are you most excited to see? Sound off in the comments below!


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