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Cover for Adventures of Clarity Girl #1 (Sarcastic Skull Studios)

     When I was first given Clarity Girl to review, I was immediately excited. The cover has a nice clean, professional look to it, and it looks like it is geared toward a younger female audience ( in this reviewer’s opinion, a very underutilized demographic ). I didn’t know quite what was in store powers wise for a character named “Clarity Girl” but I aimed to find out! 

After diving into the book I am met with some disappointment when I see 

Interior Pages from Adventures of Clarity Girl #1 Art: Christopher Thomasma (Sarcastic Skull Studios)


the interior art doesn’t match the cover. There is a significant disconnect between the background and main features, A bold choice by the production team and certainly has art fans polarized, personally, I’m not a fan. The main characters have a  flat two-dimensional look, likely inspired by cartoonists like Bill Amend and Jon Davis. While the characters have a warm look to them the presence of smooth lines seems to change to rough, blocky, inconsistent body shapes with no given notice. 

The story follows (mostly) a young early 20s woman coping with the loss of her mother while given the chance to experience superhuman powers along with her best friend. Initially, I felt the main character was a “Mary Sue” (a writer self-inserted character) the way the first few pages seemed to focus on Clara’s personal point of view, but it was more of a view into the setting that was a little heavy-handed. 

Overall I give the art a 2.5/5 for the major change in art style from the cover to the interior pages and the lack of consistency. The story is a 3.0/5 it could benefit greatly from some restructuring and revision. Readability, I give it a 3.5/5, It flows well, but when it does a transition from following one character to another it doesn’t prompt it well enough and sometimes I have to go back and restart knowing “Ok, now it’s from another character’s perspective”. I also use a category I call potential. Sometimes it’s hard to judge a series by just one book and even if something has a rocky start I still feel it could have somewhere good to build up to. For Adventures of Clarity Girl, I’d give a 4.0/5. That averages to a total of 3.25/5.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can check it out online here

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