BREAKING NEWS : Vault Comics NEW online order, to pick up at your LCS!

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Vault Comics has announced a new program on their website called “Book It” where readers can both support their independent comics and their local comic shop from the convenience of their computer or mobile device! The process is very simple and can be done when browsing their site. 

You just have to follow the link to preorder your book and place the order, just like you would from any online store, select up to 3 copies of any books available to preorder or even automatically follow a subscription and have the new issues ready without having to place individual orders. At check out, you put in your postal code and can select from any number of stores that have signed up for the program. If your preferred brick and mortar comic shop isn’t on the list you can request they be added and the comic shop will be contacted and asked if they want to join the program. All of this at no cost to them or you! You don’t even pay until you pick up the comic from your local comic shop. At this point, if you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to create an account with just an email address (to get notifications about your order and it’s status) and to set up a password. No credit card required, no monthly charges, that simple.

Care to try it yourself?
If I may suggest, Wasted Space, Deep Roots, and Vagrant Queen.


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