YOUMACON Ya’ done Goof’ed!

If you’re a viewer of Indie Volt Live Tuesday at 9 PM EST on YouTube & Indie Volt TV, you already know about our “2 minute answer” session of the the show, if not it’s where our panel usually answers a list of random and hypothetical questions based on unfortunate scenarios where they would be […]


KrakenPrint drama continues

It’s common knowledge now that comic book printer Krakenprint is ka-put! There webiste has been down for months now and after some comic creators became understandably irrate that they weren’t getting books they had printed, we thought the issue was resolved. GUESS again! Because TODAY; The heartbreak continues! We learned today that the warehouse that […]


Randy Zimmerman DARES Diamond Distro

This morning during the Indie Volt Breakfast Buzz on Youtube Randy Zimmerman (Flint Comix, Arrow Comics, Massive Comics), DARED Diamond Distribution execs to put together a publishers summit for indie publishers usually located in the ‘green section’ of the famed Diamond previews catalog. Randy is NO stranger to Diamond, he’s dealt with them in the […]


New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax

Thoughts on New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax in Dallas Texas this past weekend (July 6, 2019). It is a historic event for the company marking the first time the tournament has been held outside of Japan and the first to be held in the United States. (I would like to see NJPW spread this […]


Clarity Girl Lives

  We recently heard reports that Chris Thomasma, creator of Clarity Girl had made the decision to retire the character and title at some point in the very near future.  This morning we reached out to Chris through social media, he informed us that the rumors of Clara’s retirement is GREATLY unfounded. “Lol, Clarity Girl […]


Sioux Falls review

Sioux Falls is a Native American Steampunk story written by Z.M.Thomas and is heavily inspired by his Native American heritage. Drawing influence from the 1862 Dakota Uprising in Minnesota,


4th Wall Pros announces new film

  Danny J. Quick the creator of Aceblade brings in the family to announce a new film, “My big little sister”. “Two teenage girls are home alone for a weekend, what happens when the little sister wakes up… BIG?”   The 10-minute film is set to debut June 2nd, but backers of the Kickstarter can […]