Boris Randall

The founder of our news site is a comic book artist and since he heard the album he hasn’t stopped listening to it while drawing his newest comic, having said that, did you have any influences while putting this album together?
Yeah, while writing this album I was listening to a lot of Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, Crowbar. I was focusing on really lazy and sludgy music. I try to keep my releases slightly different from one another.

Boris Randall himself

What’s the creative process like for you?
It’s usually a laid back approach. I never set deadlines or anything for my releases. And since I have 2 studios at my house, it means I get to create virtually whenever I want in a super relaxed environment. But writing, for me, is always on the guitar. That’s where my songs start. Then I build them from there.

Tell us a little about the history of this particular album.
Honestly, there’s not much to tell. There was a particular sound I wanted, overall. I wanted to do something sludgier and thicker than anything I’d done yet. I wanted a really mammoth guitar tone. So, to achieve that, I tuned the guitars down to A standard and used fuzz overdrive instead of distortion. I’m pleased with the results.

You’ve got a lot of experience in the business of making music, a lot of people aren’t happy with the direction of current hip-hop and country for example; Are you looking forward to the future of the hardcore/punk genre?
I don’t really pay attention to current music. There are a few current doom, stoner, black metal bands that I follow, but other than that I stay clear of anything coming out today. The industry is in such a sad state right now. When real, honest music comes back….that’s when I’ll start listening to current bands again.

All That Is Black Album 2019 (Boris Randall)

Are there any songs you had to leave off the record that might see a release at a later time?
No. Everything that I recorded for All That Is Black was released. I know it is a touch short for an album, around 36 minutes I believe, but it just felt right.

We’re currently streaming some of your album on our newly launched Indie Volt radio, but outside of that where can people go to get more Boris Randall?
I do have another solo album available at my bandcamp store.

My releases are also available through the label that is handling them.

Staffer question, what do we gotta do to get our hands on some All that is black T-shirts!?
Ah! That would be great, huh? Unfortunately, no one has come forward with a merchandise offer. Maybe Indie Volt wants to make shirts? Haha.

Where can our readers see you perform at next?
I don’t do live performances with my solo music. It’s strictly a studio/release only type thing. Sorry.

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