Wizard World Announces new Virtual Con experience.

As many comic cons around the world are currently moving dates and times due to Coronavirus concerns, Wizard World is offering a solution so that fans can still get their comic con fix from the comfort of their own homes.

“Wizard World Virtual Experiences” was announced by the company today.

“‘Wizard World Virtual Experiences’ will bring the Wizard World experience to fans across the globe, wherever they live,” says John D. Maatta, CEO, Wizard Entertainment in a statement. “We will capture the excitement of interacting one-on-one with celebrities and creators in a format that will be unique and compelling.”

A press release stated that Wizard World Virtual Experiences will allow virtual customers “the ability to purchase a personal one-minute video chat, :15- or :30-second personalized video recording, signed 8×10 photos and signed memorabilia, group chats, and exclusive limited edition art.”

Is this a good idea, will you be attending and of the Wizard World Virtual Experience cons? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


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