Florida Man IndieGoGo removed from Comicbooks subreddit

Subreddit mods cite Support for comicsgate as reason behind the removal

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Promotion of Mike Baron and Todd Mulrooney’s Florida Man IndieGoGo may get users banned from a
ComicBooks subreddit that has over one million subscribers, this according to  Chris Braley who found himself in the crosshairs of the popular forums moderators recently.

Florida Man # 1 Cover

Like any member of a creative team Editor of Florida-Man (and Bleeding Fool editor-in-chief) Chris Braley dropped the link to the Florida-Man campaign into the subreddit in hopes of acquiring some new backers on the project also feature the talents of Baron and Mulrooney,  only to find that the post had been removed by mods.










According to boundingintocomics.com the reason for the removal was “Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.”

To make matters worse for Braly he also got a personal ban, for what was labeled “Comicsgate support.” A moderator informed Braly that “Comicsgate support is not tolerated on this subreddit, such as pro-comicsgate websites like Bleeding Fool and comicsgate-lead crowdfunding campaigns like those from Chris Braly.”
















The subreddit’s ‘Rule 1: Be Civil’ includes language that does indeed call for banning any support for Comicsgate and its supporters, categorizing the faction of the comics industry as a hate group.

Chris Braly issues a statement to bounding into comics. “The trend of de-platforming is only one component of a broader crisis of free speech happening online throughout America.” Braly also said that “It seems incredibly toxic that a moderator can ban another user for personal reasons and not because that user broke any rules. Nothing about Comicsgate was posted on Reddit, nor on the campaign.”

As of this writing, Florida Man 81 backs have raised $4,093 of a $7,500 goal on IndieGoGo.

What do you think of the removal of the post from the subreddit? Let us know in the comments below.

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