Indie Volt media launches Indie Volt Studios!

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Indie Volt Media LLC has secured a funding agreement with KAPITUS. Under this agreement, Indie Volt Media LLC will have access to capital to create content, such as original films, series, and documentaries under the Indie Volt Studios banner. All content created is expected to be exclusive to Indie Volt TV on Roku.

Before I stepped down as my position as EIC of we had just completed a few drafts of some original scripted content with this deal now in place I’m excited to see some of these projects materialize, especially since my name should be plastered all through the credits!” Says Varian Grant, founder of Indie Volt Media LLC. EIC Krysta Grant says she’s “excited to see where it takes Indie Volt and what comes from it, I imagine, in keeping with the company goals and mandate, we’ll hopefully be able to work with independent creators and directors to bring some ideas to life as well.”


The deal reportedly took just a few months to come together, and while the amount of capital Indie Volt would have access to wasn’t made available, Varian stated that he expects cameras to roll by the start of Summer 2021 for an original series on the Indie Volt platform.

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