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This week the featured book of the week is Indie Volt Revolt, which is a unique collection of self-contained comic stories by Indie Volt contributors and fans!

This book started because for the last two+ years listeners to the indie Volt radio network and podcasts have seen and heard a number of creators talk about the world of creating, publishing, distributing, selling, reading and loving comics. Now, to celebrate the podcast network’s second anniversary, as well as Arrow Comics’ return to publishing, Indie Volt contributors gather their best stories into a one-of-a-kind volume you do NOT want to miss! More than a display of “put up or shut up”, or “preview snippets”, this volume is a fantastic collection of self-contained short stories that anyone who loves comics will enjoy, whether they know what an “Indie Volt” is or not!

Indie Volt Revolt is a coolection of stories done by different creators such as Randy Zimmerman, Seth Aneila Abair, Glenn Fleming, Russ Leach, and many more.

This volume BEGINS with over 100 standard comics sized square-bound pages in black and white, sequential art designed to display what comics are truly capable of! A world-wide collection of artists and writers from all walks of life have put their best work on display here, so much in fact that we’ve made it a “flip book”, like those great old Ace paperbacks, here you go though at least 50 pages of comics THEN TURN THE BOOK OVER and go in again with at least another 50 pages of comics and stories! This gives you TWO great full-color front covers in one handy volume!

This volume showcases the talents of over TWO DOZEN sequential artists, almost all of which have been featured on episodes of the Indie Volt podcast. Additional ‘stretch goals” will be offered as well to make this book literally as big as the backers allow! We are also only offering two versions of this book to be printed and the print run WILL BE LIMITED to this campaign and a few extras for retailers and contributors. As they say in those ads ‘once they’re gone, they’re GONE!”

Indie Volt Revolt is currently funding on Indiegogo and has made $1,520 out of the goal of $1,250. It has 52 days left before it is gone. Back this book now so that you can be part of the revolt.


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