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Do you like Samurai adventurers battle mythological beings? If so, check out Indie Volt’s book of the week Black Sun Samurai #1 – Kurosawa meets Tolkien.

Black Sun Samurai is set in mythological feudal Japan, a land called Shinkoku. It is a world where honourable samurai live side by side with tengu, oni, kappa and other beings from Japanese legend. It is deeply inspired by Japanese history and legends.

Kabukimono bandits, as flamboyant as they are violent, embark on a daring raid of the Shogun’s caravan. Their ruthless leader, Toramiyo, is certain their bold attack will yield abundant gold and treasure. But Toramiyo doesn’t just want gold, he wants fame and glory and he is the type of man who takes what he wants – with steel. However, the wild bandits weren’t counting on the two heroes being part of the convoy.

These two samurai heroes, defend one particular overturned carriage with the fury of wounded dragons. Why this carriage?

Despite valiant efforts, Kegare and Arashi are beaten back, and the bandits pounce on the overturned carriage. Flinging the door open, something unexpected tumbles out onto the dusty ground…

This book is unlike any samurai comic you’ve ever read. Each carefully crafted page is a work of art in itself, beautifully painted by concept artist and illustrator Calvin Seraphinus in his expressive style with hand lettered SFX by Lucas Gattoni.

The series will be 6 issues, 34 pages in each issue plus supplementary material.

The  series is based on the famous Shinto legend about sun-goddess Amaterasu who hid in a cave after being insulted by Susanoo, the god of the sea. In darkness, civil war raged between competing human clans and mythological beings while the crops fail and the peasants starved.

In the Black Sun series, a samurai warrior, a Shinto exorcist, a noble archer and a timid geisha with astonishing powers are brought together over the death of their shogun to discover the secret of the perpetual night. Black Sun #1 sets the stage for this epic adventure.

If this book sounds like something you would be interested in, go back it now on Indiegogo. It is currently funding and has 24 days left to go.


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