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Get your hands on this Golden Age-inspired comic full of Action & Adventure!

This week Indie Volt turns it’s eyes to a comic called The Flock.

The origin of the characters is that is the 1950s and Canada has become plagued with an uproar of crime. A young boomer, Huck Bennett, returned from war and decided to bring justice to his city. He then chooses to take on a superhero persona, The Gooseman. He is aided in his endeavors by his thirteen year old nephew Edward, who goes by the name Gosling. His best friend Jackie Oaks also tags along.

The Flock starts off in 1957. Gooseman has been around for several years now, being untested and has defeated the organized crime in his city. Then a new gang springs up out of nowhere. They call themselves The Purple Hood Gang. Gooseman’s mission is to now find out who they are and why they are creating so much chaos and destruction. Will he be victorious?

The Flock is 24 pages of full color action packed adventure!

The Flock is currently funding on Indiegogo and has 13 days left to go. So, if this sounds like a book for you, grab it while you can!

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