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Get sucked into this action packed, Kung Fu style comic.

This week Indie volt looks at Black Tiger: Hidden Dragon Vol. 1 by John Hervey.

The Tigress returns with more bone-crushing kung fu!

In this sequel to the highly-touted BLACK TIGER: LEGACY OF FURY, Assistant Defense Attorney Jenn Fong must balance her career and personal life with her blossoming power and responsibilities as Black Tiger. In order to save the city of Los Santos and restore the disgraced names of both the Fong family and the Black Tiger, Jenn must go farther, dig deeper, and bring it with more bone-crushing kung fu than ever before.

As the unexpected recipient of mystical martial arts super powers that have been in her family for three generations, Jenn strives to restore the heroic legacy of her father while warring factions bring the city of Los Santos to the brink of implosion.

Driven by the unsolved murder of her father and defamation of his name both as an officer of the peace and as Black Tiger, Jenn wages a personal and professional battle against injustice.

Jenn’s purpose and the unpredictability of her new powers collide as the socially downtrodden meta-humans poise themselves for an insurrection that threatens not only the social fabric of the city, but also unmasks the true forces behind the death and desecration of her father’s legacy.

The Dream Team
Created/written by John Hervey (Troubleman), with pencils by Rod “Super” Luper (Star Wars: Outlander), covers by Valerio Giangordano (Savage Avengers) & Eduardo Ramirez Viera (Jinnrise), colors by Vincius Townsend (G.I. Joe) & Beezzz Studios, and letters by Marco Della Verde (Achille’s Inc).

This is an 88-page full-color graphic novel with production 100% COMPLETE!! Now the campaign is just waiting on you to back the book. Black Tiger: Hidden Dragon Vol. 1 has 7 days left, so get it while you can.

You can find this book funding on Indiegogo-–2/x/19133651#/


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