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This week Indie Volt turns its eyes to Viking Wolf( in spite of owner Varian Grant’s approval)

Viking Wolf Book I is a 40 page, 8.5 x 11 inch oversized prestige format book with squarebound spine written by Mark Poulton (Graveyard Shift, USAssassin) with art by Matt Dalton (Graveyard Shift: Ruiner) and Renzo Rodriguez (Impossible Stars) with colors by Dexter Weeks (Herald: Tesla & Lovecraft) and letters by Eric Weathers (Battle Brick Road)!

Rated Mature for gore, violence and sexuality. Viking Wolf is a horror fantasy that at its heart is the story of a son’s love for his father. Prince Gunnar Rovewulf defends the Moonshire with the help of the Blood Hammer, the most powerful weapon in the universe that just so happens to be powered by the blood of it’s enemies. When his father is kidnapped by the evil Tollman, Prince Gunnar sets out to find him, but along the way unearths the truth behind the Blood Hammer and his father’s dealings with the Tollman. His quest takes him to Earth, where he is bonded with an unsuspecting and unwilling human, Travis. Beautiful artwork by Dalton and Rodriguez highlight this tale written by Graveyard Shift creator, Mark Poulton.

There are many covers to chose from. There is even a black and white version for people that like black and white comics.

Go check Viking wolf out and all the tiers it has. You will not be disappointed. The campaign has 27 days left, so go get your copy today.–2/x/19133651#/


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