Arrow Comics 4.0 goes exclusive with Liberty!

Since the relaunch of Arrow Comics to publishing greatness (currently known as Arrow Comics 4.0), many assumed that it would only be a short matter of time before your local comic shop would start placing orders through Diamond previews for the publishers latest offerings.
Make no mistake, LCS’ is a vital and major part of Arrow Comics business plan says Arrow Comics EIC Randy Zimmerman, but, if they want to get those titles they’ll have to go through Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group.

Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group or LEDG for short was founded in 2015 by Indie Volt founder and former EIC Varian Grant to exclusively focus on getting independent comics in comic shops around the country.

“I kept hearing stories from people about how hard it was to get into shops, and I’ve got close friends who own shops who’ve shared with me their grievances about the hardships of carrying indie titles so, I started to look into what I could do to help and bring the two together. What I quickly realized was that for it (LEDG) to work I had to design an entirely new system, the method that had been in place before wasn’t sustainable long term I feared, and that was in 2015.” Varian told us in an earlier interview in 2020.

Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group (LEDG.US) has some rather unique offerings for BOTH vendors and retailers, giving vendors the ability to determine their own wholesale pricing while retailers are offered a “buy-back” program called the Liberty Pledge where Liberty will buy back books that a retailer is unable to sell after a set amount of time.

“For the foreseeable future all Arrow 4.0 products will going out to retailers through Liberty Distribution only,” says Randy Zimmerman.

While Liberty doesn’t ask for exclusivity from any of it’s vendors, Arrow taking this route sends a very clear message that they are confident in the LEDG business model. As both LEDG’s retailer and vendor portfolios continue to grow we’ll keep an eye on any future developments, which founder Varian Grant promises we’ll be hearing much more of soon.  What do you think of Arrow’s decision to go all-in with Liberty? Let us known in the comments below!

Teena McIntire

Teena McIntire

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