Incidense Released Their New Album Collide.

The Dutch prog / metal formation Incidense dropped their new  album on October 8, 2022.

It has been 10 years… We have another story to tell.

After 10 years since their debut album Incarcerated came out, Incidense have returned with a brand new progressive album Collide.

The new album Collide deals with modern day society, media and mainstream beliefs that are fed to us on a daily basis. Slowly but surely translating itself into our strongest convictions and transforming us into being impervious to anything but perceived truth. Although it might feel we make our own decisions in life, we are blinded and directed most of the time by society’s image of how we should live it.

When all of the above is translated into a single person’s daily inner battle we face, this struggle is captured in the album’s theme based on the ancient story of the two wolves that are constantly at war with each other: the good wolf and the bad wolf. If you wonder which one will win… It’s the one you feed!

Progressive rock/metal band Incidense conveys a clear statement to the listener with songs that contain sensitive passages interspersed with solid rock/metal riffs and challenging time signatures. They provide a broad musical spectrum that introduces the listener to the world of Incidense.

Incidense began its journey after keyboardist Lucas Kruiswijk and guitarist François Koopmans joined forces after meeting at a concert. Soon after drummer Rob van Nieuwenhuijzen joined the band and the trio started to write challenging music that captivated the listeners, supported by lyrics that represented the bands view on the world . In 2011 their debut album saw the light of day and was received very well within the Dutch progressive rock fan base. The band shared the stage with Profuna Ocean, Silhouette, Machine, Also Eden and was selected as one of the 8 of the 30 contesters of the Dutch Exposure project to record a song for the album Dutch Exposure by FREIA Music. For the song Reality Check the band worked together with Knight Area’s Gerben Klazinga. The Dutch Exposure finale live concert in May 2013 at the Xinix was the last time the band appeared live on stage… Until now!

The band started writing new material for their second album and in the meantime bass player Rich Huybens decided to choose a different musical direction and joined the band Sylvium. For recording the new bass parts the band invited Jurjen Bergsma from Silhouette. The band chose to bring in Peter Meijer, known as the vocalist for Meadows and Hesken, on board to take the vocals to the next level.

When recordings were finished and mixed by Francois Koopmans the mastering was handed over to Swedish producer Jens Bogren, known for working with bands as Opeth, Haken and Symphony X.

The band started rehearsing to perform live, but unfortunately the pandemic had set the band back to square one.

Now finally ready to hit the stage again Incidense strengthened their line up with Guitarist Daniel van der Weijde from Silhouette and Meadows.


Lucas Kruiswijk – KeyboardsFrancois Koopmans – GuitarJurjen Bergsma – Bass GuitarPeter Meijer – VocalsRob van Nieuwenhuijzen – DrumsDaniel van der Weijde – Guitar

This album is distributed by Dutch Music Works
















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