Incidense Released Their New Album Collide.

The Dutch prog / metal formation Incidense dropped their new  album on October 8, 2022. It has been 10 years… We have another story to tell. After 10 years since their debut album Incarcerated came out, Incidense have returned with a brand new progressive album Collide. The new album Collide deals with modern day society, […]

Downriver Dead Men Go Dropping New Album, RUINS

         Downriver Dead Men Go is a cinematic post-rock band from Leiden, the Netherlands. Their highly anticipated third album RUINS will be released 24th November 2022 on all digital platforms via FREIA Music. The vinyl release will be on 23rd February 2023. The new album will be another musical step forward for […]

Timelock Celebrates The Release Of Their New Album Sygn Yn

Habitually there should be a couple of years of silence after a Timelock release. Not this time! After the resurrection of Timelock last year and the release of the EP …stay awake in June, they were re-energized. This energy surge resulted in the release of this album with 6 brand new songs including a 19 […]

Let’s get Vertical

So let’s start off with an introduction, What’s the name of your band? How did you guys come up with the name? Where are you guys from? Who are the member of the band? Our band’s name is Vertical. Basically we came up with the name after some long nights of just throwing away names […]

Breaking Waves with Syd R. Duke

Breaking Waves all the way from the UK, Syd R. Duke sits down with Indie Volt to give us and all our followers the scoop on how he produces music and what his plans for the future are. 1. Where are you from? I was born in Bristol in the UK but currently live in […]

Closer Look at Birnam Wood

Indie Volt came across this awesome band and was able to get an interview on their down time. They share the meaning behind the band and also share with us the ins and outs of what makes them tick. What’s the name of your band and is there a meaning behind why you chose that […]


Indie Volt got to have a sit down with Reinhardt Buhr about his music career and what other things that have impacted his music and life. You can hear tacks from Reinhardt Buhr now on Indie Volt Radio. SO WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been there all […]


We recently had a chance to sit down with the guys from IRK to discuss the ins and outs of their group. You can hear currently IRK on IndieVolt radio! What is the name of your band? How many members are in your band? How did all of you meet? Where are you guys from? […]

Melanculia talks past, present and the future.

So where are you guys from and how did you guys meet? We are from the North-Rhine-Westphalia Area. Essen, Bochum… and we know each other from the stages. Some of us played in different bands before, but the one of us who brought us all together was Quoth. Somehow, he seems to know every musician […]

Boris Randall

The founder of our news site is a comic book artist and since he heard the album he hasn’t stopped listening to it while drawing his newest comic, having said that, did you have any influences while putting this album together? Yeah, while writing this album I was listening to a lot of Black Sabbath, […]

Tongue Party!

So we know that your band name is Tongue Party, what lead you guys into choosing that name? A lot of people think that its some porno shit or like some sexual innuendo but we’re not clever enough for that. During a conversation about having a dinner party and serving nothing but different varieties of […]

A Kemical Reaction!

When you discuss the rapper Kemical, (you’ve heard him on your soundcloud or pandora playlist) those that know him personally might consider the man behind the mask as “elusive”. Well, recently I was able to hold old Kemical down in place just long enough to have him answer a few questions. What he reveals to […]