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Howdy, believers So True!

Howdy, believers So True!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author/Inkslinger/Comic Creator/ 9 Arts Magazine publisher & B-Filmmaker at large, Tex Watt,here.

And [as of this writing], Happy Holiday Wishes to y’all (as well as a shout out to you fanatical floppy comic-book lovers, who support ‘toons’–the latest of the ‘official’ related art scene media additions.. (it’s true…just been added; in keeping with the [formerly 7 Arts theme, don’t Cha know ‘cartoons’ has just been added to the list, as of recent, just after the 8th Art: ‘cinema’… both modern forms of expression, finally realized by the fine/pop art community….. did anyone realize? neither did I, ’til I researched; for the name my latest, aforementioned magazine creations ].
At any rate—it’s a stone groove, to be a part of The Indie Princess, Lola’s Indie Volt news/media website—-and with a name like Watt–it’s a perfect match, I must say.

And so– that said I’ll cut to the chase and introduce a recent 4 page article I did [as a step-by-step analog art process]; in how I created a retro-flavored funny-book cover for a 9 Arts Magazine column, for an anthology omnibus[for my regular TWI Media comic-series; called :The Brother Soul Comix Super-Duper-Special ‘, for said 9 Arts Magazine’s (April, 2021 ) publication , that I told Lady Krista, about. And she thought it was a spiffy idea to share with you rockin’ Volters!

Oh, BTW, to close with another shameless plug–I’m also working on a few pages for William Hoffknecht’s Patterson California publishing company’s 100% Comics [ 100percentcomics.com ]magazine’s, coming out in ’22 [Giant Size ’63 & H%C#4 ]! Dig ’em, if ya can & please try to have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

-Rock on!
Tony Tex Watt, Comic-Creator/Filmmaker/ Tenement Funster, Somewhere-In-Toronto-Canada
~Dec. 2021













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