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Prof. Trico’s Top 10 indie comics!
COMICS Editorials

Prof. Trico’s Top 10 indie comics!

Number 10
Snow: The Dawn published by DimThroat Comics

Snow: The Dawn – DimThroat Comics

With our current political and social climate, it’s hard to say what the future will bring. In this series by DimThroat Comics, we discover the world of 2080 through the eyes of James Snow as he uncovers corruption in one of London’s boroughs. I’m not sure what the future may hold but if it’s anything like this series then at least the future will be full of gorgeous women.






Number 9
Dax (web comic series) published by Zazz Comics

Dax – Jess Boudrie

I have to admit. I’m a sucker for pulp culture references, cameos, and Easter eggs. Jess Boudrie illustrates an amazing all ages sci-fi comic. It makes some great references to all of my favorite fandoms. If the charm and wittiness of the book doesn’t get you, the intrigue of what will happen next will. Also, who doesn’t like seeing the hero in a leisure suit? I’m wearing one as I write this!






Number 8
Number One published by Aazurn Publishing

Number One – Gary Scott Beatty

In Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art,” McCloud trances the history of comics and the journal creators take to master their craft. Gary Scott Beatty presents the history of comics through the eyes of their unsung hero, the comic shop owner. This comic takes us through the joy kids received from Golden and Silver Age comics, through the underground black and white scene of the 1970’s, all the way to comic boom and bust of the 1990’s.
The protagonist, a comic shop owner, is a George Bailey character that wants to provide a service to his community by sharing his love of comic books. This book becomes emotionally charged as we see how his dedication costs him his marriage and drives him into poverty. Despite everything that happens he remains optimistic about staying true to his passion for the funny books and make sure that the joy he gets from them are shared with everyone in his town. I’m still tearing up.

Number 7
GDF: Global Defense Force #1-3 published by Inkremental Studios

Global Defense Force – Brian Hitsman (Inkremental Studios)

As someone who did most of his comic collecting in the early 1990’s, I love this comic. Brian Hitsman brings back the nostalgia of the titles I read during the height of X-men and Image team books. Each character on the team is very unique but has a familiarity to them like I’ve been reading them since I was a kid.
We get brought into this universe by the main character, Manchine, a college student who finds himself bonded with an alien suit that he can’t remove. It is through him that we discover that there are other super-beings that inhabit his world. Also, we meet his fellow GDF teammates. If you miss the team books of a bygone era, you’ll want to pick this up!



Number 6
Edme #1 published by Emily Zelasko Art

Edme – Emily Zelasko

There are some comic creators who always hit the mark. When you pick up one of their books you know you’re going to get well written, thoughtful and original. Emily Zelasko is one of those comic creators. I have been a fan of hers for years and I collect every comic she works on. Her work is always on point and her latest work, Edme, doesn’t disappoint.
I don’t want to pull the “as a someone whose daughter enjoys comics” card but… As someone whose daughter enjoys comics, I really appreciate Emily creating a Edme, a young girl with a great imagination who’s confident and very capable of being a hero in her own right. She’s a great role model and very empowering to anyone (boy or girl) who reads this comic. Emily combines fairy tales and folk tales to create a new yet familiar universe for her characters to inhabit that keeps you wondering what adventures are waiting for our young hero around every bend.


Number 5
The Charlie Hazard Band #0 published by Campfire Comics

The Charlie Hazard Band – Ryan Cairns (Campfire Comics)

Sometimes in life, you might be lucky to spot a majestic creature of lore such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. However, if you are truly lucky, then at a comic convention you might spot the most evasive majestic creature of them all… Ryan Cairns! Not only is Ryan an amazing artist, but he can write! I had the pleasure of picking up his latest work, Charlie Hazard. Ryan blends compelling story telling with action sequences that would make a 1970s Kung Fu movie choreographer say “Damn!” Not only does this issue give some gritty, crime action reminiscent of the film Snatch, it also contains a short story set in feudal Japan. If Frank Miller and Chuck Norris had a kid, he would make this comic.




Number 4
Clarity Girl #1-2 published by Crazy Monkey Ink

Clarity Girl Chris Thomasma (Crazy Monkey Ink)

Just in case I thought my approval of a series wasn’t the kiss of death for them, two weeks after I finally read CG its creator and artist, Chris Thomasma, decides to cancel the original series to reboot it. First Firefly, now Clarity Girl. It just goes to show that having me as your fanboy is the kiss of death.
Anyway, Clarity Girl is about a girl who uses her superpowers to become the champion of her city. It’s witty, hip (young people still say “hip,” right?), and breaks the 4th wall in a cool and subtle way. There’s tons of great characters that you want to learn more about and plenty of action. The book is written for all ages and has an appeal that crosses over multiple generations.
This was the first comic project for Chris and I thought it was fun and funny. Now that he’s got a couple books under his belt, I can’t wait to see how good the reboot will be.


Number 3
Psycho Path #1-3 published by Scape Goat Press

Psycho Path – Stefani Manard (Scape Goat Press)

The Shadow always said he knew “what evil lurks in the hearts of men,” but if he knew what lurked in the mind of Stefani Manard, he’d turn tail and run. In her debut comic series, Psycho Path, Stef shows us just how dark sided her mind can get when telling us a story (and as a successful horror writer, her mind can get real dark, real, fast). Each issue focuses on a separate character dealing with their own demons which intertwine into the overall story in the series. I literally had my jaw dropping a few times during the intense violence sense. Having seen Stefani at cons, I couldn’t believe that this sweet, cheerful girl could write something so twisted which makes this series even more wonderful. The artwork in this series is beautiful and Stefani really demonstrates a mastery of the comic writing craft.



Number 2
Landslide #1 published by Headshrinkers Press

Landslide – Nichi Hawkins (Headshrinkers Press)

Do you love Kaiju monsters? Do you love a mix of history and folklore? Do you just want me to tell you about this comic already? Okay. Landslide is the brainchild of Nichi Hawkins. The character has appeared in several titles from Headshrinkers press before finally landing in its own book (and it was well worth the wait!). The book follows the story of a down and out guy who goes to work on the Panama Canal. The work is brutal and the bosses are abusive (so basically, it’s retail) so he quits. To get revenge he buries a mythological seed in the ground. Days later Landslide, a giant humanoid made from the very earth in which the seed was buried, rises to take revenge. If you love kaiju and love them even more when they’re well written then you’ll want to pick this up. Nichi really researches his history and folklore to bring a fresh new concept to comics (and probably one day to film). The art is amazing and has a classic adventure feel to it.


Number 1:
Ghost Canyon #1-3 published by Evolved Comics

Ghost Canyon – Aaron Warner (Evolved Comics)

Comic veteran, Aaron Warner, brings comics to a more evolved medium with his amazing series, Ghost Canyon. This series features real actors playing the characters in the book. The series follows a young man who comes to the small western town and uncovers all kinds of craziness. From the local butcher whose customers are haunted by the souls of what they’ve eaten, to the local scantily clad con artist, to an undead gunfighter, this series has it all and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each panel combines the storytelling of a comic book with the production value of a blockbuster movie. The actors are brilliant capturing the feel of an entire scene in one panel. Aaron Warner writes an amazing script with clever dialog and plenty of twists so you never know what will happen, who will die, and who will stay dead. Also, he lends his artistic talent to add the special effects in each panel that gives Ghost Canyon its otherworldly feel.

Ghost Canyon


Trico Lutkins

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Trico Lutkins lives in his Colonial Ranch of Solitude with his sinister henchman (actually, she’s a hench-girl), Audrey, his wickedly awesome partner-in-crime, Tracy, his heralding hellhound, Sammy, and the silent yet deadly ninja-cat, Jack. When Trico writes for IndieVolt, he speaks from experience because he cofounded a well-known Michigan based comic book publisher. When he’s not writing for us he is a history professor and a freelance comic writer working for various independent companies including the Michigan Comics Collective, Source Point Press, RIA Comics, Scapegoat Press, and Evolved Comics. “I was drawn to IndieVolt because I love their focus on showcasing great yet undiscovered indie films, music, wrestlers, and comics.” His rants and raves about comic books, history, and poetry can be found at:

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