Stefani Manard reveals Psycho Path #3 cover

Stefani Manard took to Facebook and dropped the cover to the 3rd issue of Psycho Path, from Scape Goat Press!

Psycho Path issue # 3 cover (Scape Goat Press)
Psycho Path issue 3 cover. [Paul Gori, Whitney Cook , Hedwin Zaldivar.] – Scape Goat Press


You may remember in our exclusive interview with the creator,  The Mind of Manard she revealed to us that she’s especially excited about issue 3, saying..”I am extremely proud of issue three, and the main character of 3, who we meet at the end of issue 2, holds a very dear place in my heart. She is a true psychopath but is self-aware, and we learn a little about what it means to BE a Psycho Path. I can’t wait to share issue 3 with everyone.”

Psycho Path is a miniseries that looks at what makes a person do bad things. Each issue follows a different person and their path to breaking, but they are all tied together by one common thread.

Psycho Path #3 will be available Christmas 2017!



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