ACE in the hole?

Complaints are trickling in that ACE comic con is a horribly ran event.

According to a series Facebook post by those at the event, attendees are being made to wait in line for hours for photos and autographs with the celebrity guest. Worse still, attendee’s with disabilities have reported that access to the show has been troubling and met with poor attitudes from staff, (whether this is ACE staff, arena staff or a third party company brought in to help wasn’t made clear.)

And then there’s this. A photo that was sent to us of the show floor at ACE.   One of our staffers opinioned that “it was a few more people than the Cobo Massacre”, a historically low attended show held in Detroit Michigan in 2013 at Cobo Hall.

The difference is however, that convention was put together with a significantly smaller budget than ACE who is organized by the former owners of Wizard World.

Low attendance not only hurts the con promoter but the indie vendors as well. Are there any indie comic publishers out there that might be having a great experience at the show? What or who is to blame? Poor weather, too close to the holiday season? Either way feel free to chime in below!


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