Indie Volt TV launches!

Get it free on the Roku Platform.

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Varian Grant, owner of Indie Volt media LLC ( announced today the launch of Indie Volt TV on the Roku platform.

“The channel was created to showcase the filmmakers, musicians, artist and more that we’ve had and continue to have the pleasure and privilege to interview. As of now, we’ve launched with 4 films from Independent filmmaker Jeff Swerdan of VernaJune Entertainment. And we’ll be adding new content such as exclusive documentaries, convention floor interviews and more in the days and months ahead.”

Indie Volt TV is a FREE on-demand streaming channel that you can get now with a Roku device, “To add the channel to your device go to the channel search area and type in IndieVolt”. No Roku device? No worries, Varian Grant goes on to say that IndieVolt TV should make it’s way onto the Amazon FIrestick sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2018 if not sooner.