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Morgan & her cat (YES, it’s an actual animal) Galaxy explore sexuality with curiosity, adventure and of course humor! The man behind the comic is almost as mysterious as the character he’s created, so much in fact that we don’t even have his actual name! We recently had an opportunity to sit down with the creator/artist and peel back the layers of his adult-themed webcomic, and if we’re lucky he’ll reveal a bit about himself too.

So tell us a little about you, where are you from and how long have you been drawing?

I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. 

When did you first get the idea for Morgan? Can you tell us about the concept for the character?

I’ve been drawing comics since I was 6 years old, my notebooks were always full of sketches, ideas, and pieces of screenplays, along with some practical effects and props. My childhood was normal, surrounded by kids in love with sports (I am not), always dreaming of making movies and creating superheroes like every day.Morgan is the way I try to understand women, she is free, without limits, but always funny. She means no harm to anyone.

Was Morgan your first creation or did she have predecessors?

I’ve got the idea a few years ago, but didn’t start creating her until 2016. Morgan wasn’t Morgan at the very beginning. Her first name was Blake, but since she was the first one to be my XXX comic book character. That name suffered a lot of negative backlash, forcing me to rethink the whole approach and let all the experience gained with Blake to be used for good with Morgan.

A lot of people don’t know this, but you worked for Disney for a few years in the 2D animation department, how was your time there?

Wasn’t IN Disney, was WITH Disney, around 1993-1996. UNICEF wanted a campaign for third world countries with colorful characters and friendly messages. I learned the whole process in about two weeks, it was insane!

So Morgan is technically a Disney princess then right? Old
Walt must be turning in his grave!


You could say that…

Now, because of Morgan’s NSFW nature, you’re VERY limited in ad revenue etc, how are you handling that?

Web-comics used to make money just with the AD model, it is not the case anymore. The web is a living monster, evolving every day, I’m planning to move to Patreon until that format is no longer valid, but visiting my webcomics always will help, so, go and do it.My mind works in mysterious ways.

You update Morgan every day on, tell us about your process in creating a page.

I’ve got ideas all the time. I put them together while driving to my daily job, after dinner, everything starts to make sense. Maybe knowing the deadline is close puts me in the right state of mind to finalize and post every page.

Morgan seems to go through phases, something like sexual discovery. She had the underwater choking phase, the furry phase, are these fantasies of yours?

I’ve got plenty of underwater fantasies. The furry ones were merely experiments trying to find out new customers. I don’t want to be comfortable doing something always the same way. That makes you lazy and unproductive.

Is Morgan based on a real woman?

Morgan is me, if I would have a vagina and big, big boobs. By the way, I’m sadly straight.

What do you say to the people who say that Morgan is strictly an outlet for perversion and nothing more?

Morgan is just a free mind, living her life with no fear, no regret, and no harm to anybody. If that makes her dangerous, well, what can I say to all the saints out there?

On the Morgan Facebook, about once a month you have to remind your followers that you’re a guy and that Morgan is just a fictional creation. Are you getting unsolicited d**k pics from her admirers or any other “fan mail”?

At the very beginning, I was shocked with all the emails and pics I received. There are plenty of weird people out there, but maybe I’m one of them too. The only difference is I decided to express myself.

What’s the future hold for you and Morgan?

I would love to see Morgan become a popular character. Making a living with her, being able to draw her all the time, it is fun to do it, don’t you think?It’s kind of impossible to find something not adult related, but maybe, someday, I will create a comic strip family oriented, maybe Galaxy along with a little girl. Who knows?

If you’re of 18 and older feel free to check out!


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