Antarctic Press drops Jawbreakers

Admittedly we’re a bit late to press with this having just learned about this newest development in the early hours of the morning.

Antarctic Press had just recently announced their plans to publish Jawbreakers from Diversity & Comics’ youtube channel owner Richard C. Meyer, even praising the very successful Indiegogo campaign ran for the comic which raised as of 5/12/18 $224,187.  

Followers of the Antartic Press Facebook page began to question the publisher over its praise and recognition of a comic by a controversial figure like Meyer.

The publisher then released another statement which read on May 10th that read “We will be addressing all questions and notifications soon.”

Followers wouldn’t have to wait long. Depending on where you live, it was either very early in the morning or late at night when Antarctic Press released this statement. 

The statement was met with emotions from either side of the of the issue, those pleased with AP’s “about-face” are praising the publisher for not giving Meyer’s graphic novel a publishing home, while those disappointed with the reversal are accusing AP and it’s owner Ben Dunn of giving in to pressure from an audience who  weren’t going to buy the book anyway despite large Indiegogo numbers that show a healthy demographic.

Richard Meyer still plans on releasing the graphic novel as well as starting his own publishing imprint Splato Comics.

We’ll keep you updated as this story progresses throughout the weekend.





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