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Recently indie comic publisher Short Fuse Media launched an ambitious campaign called ‘ALL ACCESS’ giving anyone curious about the inner-workings of a publisher and the business of comics a first-hand experience. The temporarily open to all Facebook group has already amassed over 90 members with more joining every day. We got a chance to talk to Short Fuse Media’s, Director of Operations: Sean Mack about the endeavor.

It’s a first for a company to give fans access like this, what are you hoping to accomplish with this open facebook group?

Spirits Destiny (Creator & Writer: Dorphise Jean Art: Julie Anderson)

Sean: We want our growing list of supporters to have a central location to interact with ALL of our creators and talk about indie comics. 

Have you discovered any talent amongst the Short Fuse fanbase that you’ve interacted with through ALL ACCESS?

We certainly have. Without going into detail I’ll say that there may even be some announcements soon regarding new members to our roster in different capacities as a result of #TeamShortFuse. That was a close second purpose for creating the group as there have been plenty of supporters that have also been creators that also expressed an interest in working with us. Some of those creatives need a bit more fine-tuning. We can work with them on that fine-tuning in #TeamShortFuse. So it’s a win for everyone involved. Plus, we hold WEEKLY CONTESTS and give away free stuff. So it’s even beneficial on that end.

Like Father Like Daughter. (Calamia, Brown & Aravena)

What would you say to other indie publishers or even comic book pros who might say “you’re letting fans in the locker room?” 

As far as other indie publishers or comic book pros, I’d tell them to come into the locker room with us. We’ve got #Vodka!  

What do you think about #teamshortfuse’s ALL ACCESS program? Do you think other indie or major publishers will follow suit and create programs like it? Sound off in the comments below!



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