Randy Zimmerman DARES Diamond Distro

This morning during the Indie Volt Breakfast Buzz on Youtube Randy Zimmerman (Flint Comix, Arrow Comics, Massive Comics), DARED Diamond Distribution execs to put together a publishers summit for indie publishers usually located in the ‘green section’ of the famed Diamond previews catalog. Randy is NO stranger to Diamond, he’s dealt with them in the past while headlining different publishing houses.

“I PROMISE you, Diamond would never do a conference like that, because they desperately want that green section to just dry up and blow away!”

Randy continued.

“Unless they change their ways and actually want to make money and lift up the art form, which would be a shock to me, BUT if they want to do something like that ‘CALL ME’ let’s get it together. We’ll put out an open call to publishers, we’ll all meet at a central location, like Memphis, I wanna see them do it! They won’t! They want us all to go away!”

“Let’s see em do it, I dare em, I would love to have 5 minutes, they don’t want to hear the majority of us address them, for 5 minutes, they wouldn’t make it past the first or second speaker! I would love to have Peter Simenti stand up there for half an hour and talk about the problems he’s had with Diamond, the hassles and more!”

If you want to check out the Indie Volt Live Breakfast Buzz mentioned in this article, you can here

What do you think? Will Diamond take up Randy on the offer? Would Alterna’s Peter Simeti take up the offer to speak at such a conference, any particular indie creators or publishers who you’d like to see invited to such an event…and would they give us press badges? Sound off in the comments below?


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