“Go To Hell!” says Shi Creator Billy Tucci

Shi creator Billy Tucci logged onto Twitter to tell the “Neo Code SJWs” to go to hell. In a series of tweets Tucci made his stance quite clear.

“I told the Comics Code Authority to go to hell back in ’94 and today I say the same to the cancerous NEO CODE SJWs.” said Tucci in a tweet from July 20th 2020.
He also stated that he’d been doxed had threats made toward his family of such a serious nature that the FBI took notice and visited his home.

Billy went on to remind fans that comics is a business. “You make a business decision and commitment, you stick by it come hell or high water.”

His current crowdfunding campaign for SHI: Return of the Warrior is currently running on Indiegogo, ($115,166) with his #nofanleftbehind hashtag being shown support on twitter and Facebook.

Death threats made toward comics creators is shamefully nothing new as of late, the industry has been plagued with swatting and ‘doxing’ of its creative professionals and critics.


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