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Looking for a new sci-fi, fantasy book to read? Here is an awesome book by Silvio Spotti called Sword of Justice #3. This week Indie Volt chose it as the book of the week for many reasons.

The Sword of Justice 3 is a 20 page comic book created by Silvio Spotti. This three issue mini series is being published by Top Secret Press.

Here is what the story is about.

The planet Earth, once a graceful blue ball in space, was no longer a peaceful sphere of life. Horrific climate changes ripped at the surface of the planet creating areas that reached temperate extremes. Some areas were too hot for life, while others were too cold.

Because of this, life on Earth suffered cruelly at the hands of nature. Then a moon base was made and the elite went there, leavi8ng Earth to suffer.

Earth did suffer, but only for a time. Earth slowly began to heal without the help of man.

Then, one day the Gods descended. Unknown to the population, these “gods” were descendants of the once Moon colony and were in need of supplies. Soon they realized that they could gain control over the population. As time passed, the Gods took over and ruled over the population….

Who will save them?

The Sword of Justice is now funding on Kickstarter and has 6 days left to go. So if this book sounds interesting to you, go back it now before it is too late.




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