Andrea Molinari takes the Shepard to Scout Comics

Today Andrea Molinari released a statement stating he and his team were taking The Shepard to Scout Comics to be published under their Black Caravan imprint.

Here is what Andrea stated earlier today:
“Team Shepherd has been sitting on this for a while now. Back in July, we made the decision to move on from Caliber Comics, our home for the five years. We will always be grateful to Caliber for giving us a chance. We left with zero hard feelings and only love and gratitude in our hearts. Be assured that we intend to continue to edit for Caliber and support our many friends at this publisher.”

  “Now, we must turn to the future of our graphic novel series. (And BELIEVE this: We have some stuff in the pipeline…serious stuff!) At the end of July, we signed a contract with Scout Comics. We are part of Black Caravan Scout’s horror and sci-fi imprint! We can’t wait to see what happens next!!”

Krysta Grant

Krysta Grant

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