Let’s get Vertical

So let’s start off with an introduction, What’s the name of your band? How did you guys come up with the name? Where are you guys from? Who are the member of the band?

Our band’s name is Vertical. Basically we came up with the name after some long nights of just throwing away names till’ we came up with one that sounded good for the three us. We are basically a power trio: Josué Añover is the Singer and Lead Guitar, Roberto López is the Bass and Miguel Aparicio is the drummer

How would you describe the music industry in your area?

The music industry in our country is very limited and focused only on pop music and other genres that are far away from what Vertical plays.

Would you change anything about the music industry if you could?

More support and opportunities for bands and genres like ours.

What influences Vertical?

Each of us comes from previous bands and different styles. We have forged our sound base don the things that we have in common like 60’s and 70’s rock music, 90’s grunge and stoner rock, etc.

What is a typical day like for Vertical? What are practices like? How long are practices?

We basically rehearse late at night, once a week. Some of us have children and families, so basically is the most suitable time for the three of us. We usually play for 3 hours, even more . Every nigh is different

What’s the music writing process like for Vertical? How do you guys come up with new songs?

It’s all about came up with a good idea… it can be a drum beat, a bass line or riff. We play with those ideas, modify them… even change the whole thing till it sounds good for the three of us. We can’t work any other way.

How long has the band been together?

We ‘ve been together for almost five years. We started playing together during the last months of 2014.

What would you tell someone that is just getting started with their music career?

Just play whatever you feel like you have to play. Music is about fun and having a good time, the rest doesn’t matter if you are enjoying it.

 We see that you have done some live performances, where is your favorite place to preform? Where would you like to preform at?

Every place has it pros and cons, for us playing small clubs is what is most suitable for us right now, you are playing literally in front of your audience, you can see their faces, there is a close connection with the people in those gigs.

 What does the future hold for Vertical? Any new albums? Any upcoming tours or performances?

We are currently promoting our new EP “ VOL.3” and we are setting up a little tour across our country.

What albums does Vertical currently have out?

We have two EP’s out there, “ Vertical” , our first EP from 2017 and the latest one “ VOL.3”

 Besides Indie Volt Radio, where can people find Vertical?

You can find us in Bandcamp, Spotify , YouTube and other digital platforms.

 Any fun facts you want to share with us?

Everybody is wondering what happened with the “ Volume 2”, because we titled this EP “ Vol. 3” even though it is our second released!. And The thing is that the álbum title is basically a big joke! But that’s another story…

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