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Are you a fan of 90’s style comics?


This week Indie Volt picked Trial By Fire created by Peter A DeLuca.

Trial by Fire is 24 years in the making and is 69 pages. It brings back the 90’s style artwork with sci-fi cyber punk action. Trial by Fire is the saga of a man who has destroyed the world and crippled the dimensional space through his blind ambition and misguided use of technology.

And here is the crazy hook, the world doesn’t get fixed, everything sinks deeper and deeper into oblivion. But, maybe oblivion is a destination? Is all this turmoil the destiny of everything including you and me? Trial by fire is about a team of superheroes struggling to fix what cannot be fixed and failing at every turn.

SO……what happens when we know our heroes will lose no matter what?
Trial By Fire Primary will begin to explore this question while unlocking an avalanche of others.

Trial by Fire can be found on Indiegogo. It currently has 21 days left and has made $698 out if the wanted goal of $2,000.  Go and check out this book and some of the awesome art that is being done for.


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