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This week Indie Volt turns the spotlight on Arcana Legends: Ko+Jo #1.

Some say breakfast is the best meal of the day. I’m sure those people have never had a building blow up on them in the middle of eating. That’s what happens to Kouki, an agent of the “Veiled,” and Josephine Bijou, Captain of the Guardian Police, when they are attacked by a group of armed men. Needless to say, they do not take it too kindly. Watch their rampage as they begin to unravel the mystery of who would try to kill what are functionally demi gods and why.

Arcana Legends: Ko+Jo is a 24-page sci-fantasy comic book with strong action and a bit of intrigue. This book is  Intended for Teens and Adults.

“Arcana Legends” is a series of stories that take place in a fantastic universe split into two realms: the Natural Realm where the living reside and the Spirit Realm where the spirits reside and the dead go to rest. A Veil erected by the Spirit King, the oldest and most powerful of the spirits, keeps the balance between the two. Among the living are the Naturalists, humans who have developed the ability to manipulate fundamental energy called Arcana to build or to destroy. Naturalists have a tendency to make a large mark on the realm and we’re here to tell you of the legends they create.

Kouki is our male protagonist. Best described as hyper intelligent, unflinchingly logical and an S-Tier troll. His adventure started long ago and his experiences have left him both powerful and jaded. However, there’s one thing in his life that keeps him going and that’s Josephine.

Josephine is our female protagonist. She’s the fire in Kouki’s eye and ice to the rest of the world. Definitely the more dangerous of the pair and motivated by her sense of justice. God help whoever ends up in her cross-hairs.

Arcana Legends is currently funding on Kickstarter and has 13 days left, so get it while you still can. It has made $811 out of the goal of $2,000. The story is interesting and the art is amazing. Everyone should go and check it out.
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